At Trionic Labs, we listen to your needs, put together a plan to produce what you require and then deliver what we promised. Solid communication up front gets the process started right, and our attention to detail allows us to finish strong and exceed expectations.

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Below are some examples of what our clients are saying about Trionic Labs. If you would prefer to contact them yourself, just ask and a list of references will be provided.

The honor is all mine to give an honest and accurate testimonial regarding the business services rendered by Ed Burns. Besides the obvious needs of competency when it comes to IT work, Ed goes one step further. No question is too simple for him, nor are the difficult ones too complicated for him to figure out. His work exemplifies the deeper meanings associated with consumer-centric service. In a nutshell, I highly recommend his services for whatever technological needs you might have.

~ Gordon

As a former creative director and professional writer, I've been maintaining my own websites and blogs for almost 15 years. And even an experienced expert needs back up now and then. Since starting a new full time job and then discovering my blog had been hacked but good I knew I had to contract the repair to someone else. But if you think it was easy for this expert to hand the keys to someone else you'd be, um, WRONG. It wasn't. I knew I had to turn to my personal social network to find someone I could entrust with my "baby."

Enter Ed Burns of (@BlogRescue). He apparently found my tweet to my own network asking for leads on a blog handyman (smart man mining Twitter for damsels in distress) and messaged me back about his services. When asked for me information he impressed me with his no-nonsense and thorough email about services and even diagnosed the problem without my paying him a dime.

His rate was such a bargain for not only a hack repair but a complete update and debugging that i didn't even have to think twice. A quick payment via Paypal and he was finished the same night. And I got back a detailed email with everything he had done!

~ Allison

When I was looking for someone to help me make my blog more visually appealing and search engine friendly, I was lucky to find Ed Burns at Trionic Labs. He is extremely responsive, getting back to me promptly, listening to my concerns and handling any issues quickly. You might be thinking "oh sure, but this guy must charge an arm and a leg." Not so. His fees are very reasonable, especially given his outstanding customer service. Fast, efficient service at a very reasonable price. What's not to like?

~ Teri

Ed Burns and his crew at Trionic Labs developed iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle apps for Twitchy. Trionic did exactly what they promised to do, finished on time, and stuck to their budget. Trionic performed several rounds of QA to ensure that everything functioned properly. Twitchy's apps are a huge hit; we hear feedback every week from users raving about the design, functionality, and utility of our entire suite of apps. We at Twitchy are pleased to offer apps to our mobile users and we are delighted with Ed's work in every respect.

~ Michelle

A couple of months ago, my blog ( totally disappeared. The technical people who handled the blog's maintenance were totally remiss and the blog was down for nearly a week.

Fortunately, another blogger referred me to Ed Burns and Trionic Labs.

Ed's unique talent and outstanding skills managed not only to get the blog up and running in less than a day, he rescued all 9,000 posts made over a period of seven years. He also found a new server, and improved the code, all for a reasonable price. The blog was fully restored in a matter of days.

For this, I am grateful to Ed, and highly recommend him.

~ Fausta

What can I say about someone who saved my website from hackers? There aren't enough words. Ed has always been there when I've needed him. His work is efficient and he's always professional. I have already and will continue to recommend him over anyone else!

~ Danity

In 2005, after three months of blogging, I wanted to take it to a more professional level. Ed has been there for me ever since - helping me through the growing pains each time we had to kick it up another notch. He is a quiet presence when things are going well, and quick to take control when any glitches arise. When I want to learn a little more about tweaking things myself, he's quick to guide; when I'm too busy to be bothered, he's a BlogGuru I can lean on.

~ Barbara