Tech News – November 14th


Use of cats stopped in Survival Flight training
Instead of cats, they are using Robots and pigs. PETA says pigs shouldn’t be used either. PETR had no comment, mostly because it doesn’t exist…yet. #RobotsHaveRightsToo

Can a Software Update Quench Kindle Firestorm?
The Kindle Fire is selling big, but some buyers are not satisfied. This update is supposed to help. #SlowBurn

Google’s Response to Siri is Codenamed Majel, Could be released by End of Year
I predict this will result in another lawsuit by Apple.
I also predict that the Washington Apple Commission will someday be the target of a lawsuit by Apple. #DontCopyUs!

Firefox is too big to link on 32-bit Windows
This is why I, a huge Firefox proponent from the beginning, abandoned Firefox entirely a little over two years ago. #Bloat

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