My First Android App on the Marketplace!


This Android App provides a fully functional blog interface for Michelle Malkin’s blog. It supports several ways of listing posts, a way to Star posts you like, post viewing, comment viewing, comment posting as well as new post notifications. A number of configuration options allow you to tweak text and image sizes as well as set the notification check frequency or completely disable them.

The primary benefit from the app is a much cleaner and very intuitive user interface (have you tried to read blogs for any length of time on any mobile browser?) that is themed for the site. It is also much more efficient since the app is not requesting fully rendered pages but instead requesting data via xmlrpc – so the response on the app is much faster than rendering and pulling an entire page. It also has to potential to reduce server load (theoretically – if enough people switch to using the app instead of the browser).

To give it a try, search for ‘Michelle Malkin’ in the android Marketplace. Alternatively, you can just scan the barcode shown above with your phone.

By the way, if you are running WordPress and are interested in an app like this for your site, feel free to contact me for a quote and timeframe.